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Ishan Kapoor: 

Ishan Kapoor (also performing as K I N D M I N D) began his musical career in London, where he works and lives. Ishan is an Electronic/Indie musician and sound designer. While currently attending BIMM Music School reading Music Production, his most recent commission was in conjunction with Acute Art early 2018. He provided the sound design for the artist Anish Kapoor’s virtual reality piece ‘Into Yourself, Fall’, and received high praise for his first major public release. 


In early 2016, Ishan interned under Brian Eno, at his London studio, where Ishan was inspired by Eno's approach to music. Eno remains one or Ishan's biggest influences. BIMM taught him how to hone his skills and apply them to music making.


Ishan Kapoor’s musical aspirations are once again driven by his sound design. His EP (untitled to date) is set to release mid 2019, and its contents are defined by how you listen. Ishan is interested in exploring the subconscious state of mind through his music. For Ishan, music embodies the sounds that are all around us. The music of the airplane's engine, or the deathly silence of midnight's insomnia. Ishan is interested in semi-conscious moments of reflection. He wants to evoke a meaningful emotion, ones that conjure up an old, long forgotten gut wrenching feeling, or memories of a joyous past.